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Life Style Plan helps
Personal Financial Professionals and their Clients

Build Wealth Faster

You are uniquely qualified to help your clients at EVERY stage of their financial journey

You Just Need the Right Platform

Comprehensive – Insight into every aspect of your clients’ financial lives

Integrated – Includes all cash flows, investments, balances, performance, and plans

End-To-End – Daily decision-making support from now to the end of the plan

Life Style Plan’s essential key features bring together every facet of your client’s personal financial life on a single, dynamic platform.

You become the hero and your clients become your evangelists as you relieve them of the stress, anxiety, and administrative burden of managing their daily finances



Who Does What?

We take care of the administration, connectivity, and the math.

You do what you do best guiding your clients throughout their financial journey

Your clients have real-time access to accurate, timely and relevant information to make day-to-day decisions and future financial plans with confidence.

How do I get started?

Schedule a demonstration to learn how Life Style Plan helps personal finance professionals engage with new and existing clients to build more meaningful, impactful, and long lasting relationships.

An Implementation Specialist will work closely with you throughout the process.

Step 1

Organizational Implementation

  • Create a white-labeled site so that your clients see your logo and color scheme using the Life Style Plan platform.
  • Build an administrative portal customized for your organizational operations and structure.
  • Assign an administrator from your organization.

Step 2

Establish Associate Accounts

  • Enter your organization’s associates and invite them to your Life Style Plan portal.
  • Every Associate receives a Life Style Plan personal client account at no charge.

Step 3

Establish Client Accounts

  • Enter client accounts and invite them to your Life Style Plan portal.
  • Complete an intuitive onboarding process and watch your clients live their financial lives with confidence!

Find out more and connect with a Life Style Plan Implementation Specialist!

We will answer your questions and share more about how Life Style Plan is being implemented to exponentially grow wealth for personal finance professionals and their clients.