LifeStyle Plan

Take the DIY out of your finances

Have someone do it for you

Trying to get out of debt, create a savings plan, build for retirement, or just need help? LifeStyle Plan is the only personal finance management system that combines powerful software and a professional who does the work for you.

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A Dedicated Professional + Powerful Software

This combination will allow you to get control of your finances and build wealth up to 25% faster

Professional + Software

Your Dedicated Personal Finance Manager:

  • Is a professional who is trained and certified
  • Will get to know you and your goals
  • Will onboard you to our platform
  • Will meet with you regularly to ensure you meet your goals
  • Will do the hard work for you

Our Platform:

  • Is easy to use on both web and mobile
  • Consolidates every aspect of your finances
  • Allows you to see your real time cash flow
  • Creates a plan for you to follow
  • Allows you to have your information at your fingertips to make decisions and plans with confidence

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They will bring together, organize, and manage every aspect of your finances for you.

What our customers are saying

LifeStyle Plan - Testimonial

“LifeStyle Plan has helped me tremendously. My Personal Finance Manager has helped me understand where my money is going, how much I can afford, and even helped me plan for my future.”


LifeStyle Plan - Testimonial

“LifeStyle Plan makes it so easy to see everything in one place! Having a tool to consolidate our financial activity and information helps put us in charge of our finances and accomplish our goals”


LifeStyle Plan - Get Started

Let’s make financial stress a thing of the past

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