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Take the DIY out of personal finances

LifeStyle Plan is a service that manages all aspects of your personal finances for you. Our personal finance managers and innovative platform give you and your family the ability to live life with confidence.

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A personal financial management service that accompanies you every step of the way

Trying to make sense of information from apps, books, podcasts and online videos can be stressful and overwhelming. With LifeStyle Plan, you don’t need a degree to make the best decisions for you and your family – just a personal finance manager who does the work for you so you can focus on everything else.

Your Finance Pro

Every LifeStyle Plan user is assigned their very own certified personal finance manager, who does the work necessary for you to know what it takes to get you to financial health – and keep you there. All you need to do is follow along and make decisions.

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LifeStyle Plan - Platform

A Platform for Success

We bring every facet of your finances together on a single, comprehensive platform that’s easy to navigate. We are more than just an app – we’re a service that delivers valuable, expert-driven insights into your financial world.

Your best life is a certified expert away

Our simple, foundational concepts paint a clear picture of where your finances stand today, and where they’re going tomorrow. Map your cash flow, track your investments, and review your spending with the help of a professional who handles all the details. Most of our users find that with LifeStyle Plan their wealth grows faster.

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LifeStyle Plan for Employers

Did you know that 77% of today’s workforce is financially stressed? Taking care of your people goes beyond health insurance and a 401(k). Studies show that with improved financial wellness your team will be happier, more productive, and more creative because they will not be up all night worrying about their money.

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LifeStyle Plan - Financial Wellness

“LifeStyle Plan has helped me tremendously. My personal Finance Manager has helped me understand where my money is going, how much I can afford, and even helped me plan for my future.”

Jane, Lifestyle Plan User

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Let’s make financial stress a thing of the past

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