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for finance professionals

Take your business to the next level

LifeStyle Plan gives you the technology to eliminate the manual work that you put in with your clients and consolidates everything on an easy to use platform that you and your clients both have access to. Attract, retain, and serve your clients better while building monthly long term recurring revenue into your business model.

Finance Professionals

Your clients need more than spreadsheets

With our dynamic mobile & desktop platform, you can see everything your clients own and owe, and how it all works together with their goals. Stop using spreadsheets and maximize your impact and your revenue with an innovative platform that makes it easy to do it all.

Less selling, more changing lives

Stop spending most of your time searching for new clients and focus on what you do best: planning for their financial success. Integrate our innovative platform and process into your business and there is no limit to how much you can grow. LifeStyle plan provides:

  • Training & certification
  • A playbook to integrate into your current business
  • Resources and support to you and your clients
  • The opportunity to work with clients sourced by LifeStyle Plan

Serve your clients at every stage

Whether your client is setting a new goal or entering a new tax bracket, we give you the tools and insights you need to be their financial ally for life. Our subscription model helps you see recurring revenue for as long as your clients are signed up for Life Style Plan.

Financial freedom is more than a number in a 401(k). Help your clients see the vision for what their financially secure future could look like, then manage their dreams into reality with real time information to make todays decisions and future financial plans with confidence. All in as little as 15 minutes a week.

LifeStyle Plan - Testimonial

“I know that my investment in the program is nothing compared to what it will mean for my employee’s future financial well-being.”


LifeStyle Plan - Testimonial

“LifeStyle Plan helps me take my client engagement to the next level. Having a tool that brings all of my client’s finances together makes the tactical work easy so we can focus on achieving their goals.”


Commonly asked questions

How do I become LifeStyle Plan certified?

LifeStyle Plan holds monthly certification classes. Training classes last a total of 5 hours and are held over a 2-day period. These classes will teach you the fundamentals and how to use the system like a pro in order to seamlessly integrate it into your business. Once you have gone live with 5 clients you will be official certified and receive your certificate and logo to add to your website and social media profiles.

Will clients be mine, or yours?

All clients that you identify and put on the platform are yours and you are simply using LifeStyle Plan to better serve them. If you decide to partner with us to work with some of our corporate customers, those clients belong to LifeStyle Plan and we pay you directly to work with them.

Are you just here to sell me and my clients something?

No, Life StylePlan will never sell anything through our platform to your or your clients. Our subscription model allows you to purchase our platform and process and build monthly recurring revenue with your clients forever in order to serve them better and build your business faster. Our program allows you to sell less, and serve more. That’s it!

How is this different from finance apps?

LifeStyle Plan brings together every aspect of a person’s financial life on an easy-to-use platform. We have a portal for both the client and the Personal Finance Manager to work together. Our platform focuses both on today’s day-to-day decisions along with tomorrow’s financial plans. In addition, we never sell anything through our application.

Is LifeStyle Plan secure?

Yes. LifeStyle Plan integrates to financial institutions through Plaid and we do not hold any of your credentials or sensitive information. Plaid provides secure connections to your financial institution to simply pass us transaction related information. We never save credentials or have access to any of your financial accounts.

What does my day-to-day job actually look like with LifeStyle Plan?

You run your business and integrate LifeStyle Plan into it in order to change your clients lives and watch your business thrive. We have a playbook for Personal Finance Managers which recommends 3 weekly meetings up front for client onboarding, 3 months of monthly meetings, and then quarterly meetings ongoing. Our platform will actually save you time by eliminating manual processes, spreadsheets, and the need to constantly be looking for new clients.

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Let’s make financial stress a thing of the past

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