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LifeStyle Plan

LifeStyle Plan is passionate about giving everyone the ability to live their financial lives with confidence.

Do you know where your money comes from, and where it’s going?
Do you have a way to control it?
Can you make day-to-day decisions and future financial plans with confidence?

These are the questions that have driven us to innovate for over 25 years. We’ve found that when people struggle to answer them, it means the burden of financial stress is keeping them from living life with confidence. Personal finance is one of the most important parts of life, yet most people:

  • Don’t seek professionals
  • Can’t find one even if they look
  • Try to do it all on their own
  • Get discouraged and give up

We believe that everyone deserves to have their financial house in order. It’s why we’re so passionate about creating a better solution, one that’s based on our over two decades of experience in public accounting, corporate financial leadership, and teaching personal finance management to thousands of households.

Personal finances are complex. But they don’t have to be complicated.

LifeStyle Plan is a novel approach to personal finance planning: what if you could achieve true financial freedom while doing less work to get there? We embrace the expertise of certified professionals and believe they are the most valuable resource in achieving long-term goals. Together with a technology that puts every aspect of your finances on autopilot, we believe we’ve finally found the key to relieving the stress and administrative burden of managing money.

We exist to help every individual reach a state of financial zen. Where money worries slip away and you can focus on the things that make life truly worth living.

Our Methodology

LifeStyle Plan puts your needs and goals first. We built our platform with these core tenets in mind:

Give you insight into every aspect of your finances.
Give you control over your day to day transactions.
Help you plan effectively for your future.
Put your money on autopilot.
Build wealth faster.

Eliminating financial stress and achieving your goals can be done with the right team, the right platform, and the right Plan. Let’s start growing together.

Our Leadership Team

LifeStyle Plan - Team

Nader Yassa

CEO & Founder
LifeStyle Plan - Team

Zack Birkelbach

Chief Customer Officer
LifeStyle Plan - Team

Kevin Osbeck

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Let’s make financial stress a thing of the past

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