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About Us

Meet Our Team

Nader Yassa

Founder and CEO

Kevin Osbeck 

Financial Futurist

Deepa Vivek

Customer Success Specialist

Complex – But Not Complicated 

More than twenty-five years ago, we started with the belief that although personal finances may be complex, they shouldn’t be complicated.  

We set out to demystify personal finance and restore control and confidence. 

It’s OK if You Don’t Have It All Under Control 

We found that a clear majority didn’t have control of their day-to-day financial activities, felt uncertain about their financial future, and benefitted significantly when helped by a personal finance professional. 

It’s OK, we have a solution. 

Enabled by Technology – Curated by Professionals 

Life Style Plan is a comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end platform that brings together every aspect of your clients’ finances on a single, dynamic platform.  

Now you can help your clients make day-to-day decisions and future financial plans with confidence.