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Eliminating financial stress is the ultimate employee benefit

Remove your employee’s day-to-day financial worries with Life Style Plan, the only solution that manages every aspect of your team members’ personal finances. Our team of certified experts along with our dynamic platform guide and provide insights to help your employees make today’s decisions and future financial plans with confidence.

So you offer a gym membership and summer Fridays…

Are those really the perks that make your employees the happiest? With Life Style Plan, you have the opportunity to change your employee’s lives and allow them to build wealth 17-24% faster. Our platform equips them to pay off debt, save for their kids’ college, build emergency funds, plan for their future, and get their money – and their minds – in a better place.

Financial stress is a productivity killer

Did you know that 77% of American workers are financially stressed? Family money worries contribute to an extra 16 missed days per year and make employees 2.2x more likely to look for another job, in addition to costing organizations over $8,000/year per employee on healthcare, lost productivity, and turnover expenses.

Financial zen is critical for everyone

When employees have a clear plan in place to reach their financial goals, they’re happier and more engaged at work. When that plan is put together and managed by a team of experts, your employees can experience a financial peace of mind that allows them to focus on what they do best.

We do the work. Everyone benefits.

Our team of Dedicated Personal Finance Managers brings decades of expertise to Life Style Plan. We’re just as motivated as your employees to make a plan that can grow wealth for generations. There’s no DIY with Life Style Plan – just proven expertise that gets results.

  • Attract and retain employees
  • Reduce company turnover
  • Eliminate financial stress
  • Increase on-time retirements
  • Get 800% ROI

What your employees should expect with Life Style Plan

A dedicated pro who does the work

Just 15 minutes/week using our app

Debts paid & rainy day funds built

More investment and savings opportunities

A plan to build wealth up to 25% faster

“I know that my investment in the program is nothing compared to what it will mean for my employee’s future financial well-being.”

Amy, Owner & CEO 
The Power Group


“Life Style Plan makes it so easy to see everything in one place! Having a tool to consolidate our financial activity and information helps put us in charge of our finances and accomplish the goals we’re setting.” 

Life Style Plan User

“I feel so grateful to work at a company that takes the time and energy to invest in their employee’s financial well being!”

The Power Group Employee

Help your clients manage the business of them

The plan for employee financial health is all on our platform

Our professionally-managed visualization platform delivers complete insight into each user’s financial life – what they own, what they owe, and how they want to grow from today through the time they turn 100. We call it the Business of You, and our platform is where it all comes together.


Account Inventory

See your Net Worth with everything you own and everything you owe in one place, with real-time updates for connected institutions.

Cash Flow Plan

Build a plan to create your desired life style while achieving your financial goals.

Categories & Transactions

Track progress all the way down to the transaction level. Sort by account, amount, date, or vendor.

Life-time machine

Create unlimited future scenarios on a single, dynamic dashboard. Understand how your decisions today impact your tomorrows.

Cash Flow Mapping

Understand where money is coming from and where it is going down to the transaction level.

Click & pay

Quickly pay and mange any of your bills from your mobile device.

Commonly asked questions

How is LIfe Style Plan different from popular finance apps?

Life Style Plan brings together every aspect of a person’s financial life on an easy-to-use platform. We have a portal for both the client and the Personal Finance Manager to work together. Our platform focuses both on today’s day-to-day decisions along with tomorrow’s financial plans. In addition, we never sell anything through our application and other apps have a 5% client retention rate after 30 days…our clients stay on for years.

Our 401(k) administrator offers education, how are you different?

Education requires people to still do it on their own…and they are not equipped or willing to do this. With LifeStyle Plan, every employee has a dedicated Personal Finance Manager who does the work for them and leads them through our 7 step process to ensure goals are met.

What do you offer that a traditional financial planner can’t?

We offer a focus on personal finances that nobody else does. Our dedicated Personal Finance Managers work with employees to set up a structure for the rest of their lives enabling them to meet their financial goals. Financial Planners offer a spreadsheet or a one-time planning session that is then left up to the individual to execute on. We sit side by side with every client to understand their cash flow, build a plan, and put a structure in place to put finances on auto-pilot…all on an easy to use, dynamic platform. 

Are financial details secure with Life Style Plan?

Yes. Life Style Plan integrates to financial institutions through Plaid and we do not hold any of your credentials or sensitive information. Plaid provides secure connections to your financial institution to simply pass us transaction related information. We never save credentials or have access to any of your financial accounts.

How do you actually do it all for my employees?

Every employee is assigned a dedicated Personal Finance Manager who is focused on making them successful. They will understand the employee’s goals, onboard them in the platform, and meet with them regularly to guide, consult, and ensure that their goals are achieved. Your employee’s goals are our goals.

Schedule a meeting with us and make financial stress a thing of the past for your employees.