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Just don’t call it an app

The platform from which your financial future is launched.

LifeStyle Plan - Robust Platform

Where your money is the star of the show.

LifeStyle Plan is a comprehensive financial planning service with a robust tech platform. Unlike a sleek looking “finance” app, our features actually include the tools you need to plan for your entire financial life. When you combine our technology with the personal touch of your Personal Finance Manager, you get the best of all worlds working for you, for good.

LifeStyle Plan - Secure


LifeStyle Plan is safe and secure, never saves credentials, and never shares your information with anyone.

LifeStyle Plan - Mobile Ready

Mobile ready

LifeStyle Plan is built to work with all of your devices, including your phone, tablet, and computer

LifeStyle Plan - Comprehensive


Our service brings every aspect of your financial life together in one easy to navigate interface.

LifeStyle Plan - Real-Time


Constantly connected to give you up to the minute views of your finances

LifeStyle Plan - Account Inventory
LifeStyle Plan - Account Inventory

All in one place

Account Inventory

Everything you own and everything you owe in one place. It’s never been simpler to manage your Net Worth.

Sync with all of your financial institutions to get up to the minute information about your accounts.
Our platform completes the puzzle of your financial life without a dollar out of place.


Categorized Transactions

See how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on so you can adjust on the fly. 

Our platform automatically maps your spending, saving you time (and saving you from doing math).
Our easy to read dashboard breaks it down by Income, Bills and Spending by category.
LifeStyle Plan - Categories & Transactions
LifeStyle Plan - Categories & Transactions
LifeStyle Plan - Cash Flow Mapping
LifeStyle Plan - Cash Flow Mapping


Cash Flow Mapping

Our Cash Flow Mapping interface is the clearest picture you can get of where all of your money is coming from and where it is going

Full insight
Map every transaction down to the category to give you full insight into everything that is happening with your finances.
Future proof
We create rules to categorize your transactions correctly so that you don’t have to spend hours recategorizing things in the future.

Support your lifestyle

Cash Flow Plan

Together with your Personal Finance Manager, you’ll be able to create a plan to support your lifestyle and keep your goals on track.

Interactive planning
Interactive tool that allows for real time plan creation and updating as things change in the future.
Track progress
Easy to understand dashboard that allows you to track your progress and make day to day decisions with confidence.
LifeStyle Plan - Cash Flow Plan
LifeStyle Plan - Cash Flow Plan
LifeStyle Plan - Life-time Machine
LifeStyle Plan - Life-time Machine

Long-term vision

Life-time Machine

Where will your future take you? Hop into the Life-time Machine and get a glimpse of your money’s growth. You will be able to see where your money will take you over the next 10, 20, 30+ years of your life.

What if
Create “what-if” scenarios by year to see if today’s plan is aligned with your future goals.
See future impact
Our Lifetime Machine shows you the impact of your financial decisions.


Click and Pay

Our platform makes paying bills easier and more convenient. Just snap a picture and we’ll get it paid.

Take a photo
Upload a picture of your bill and turn it into the information needed to get it paid.
We do it all
We process the bill and categorize it for you so there’s nothing else to worry about.
LifeStyle Plan - Click and Pay
LifeStyle Plan - Click and Pay
LifeStyle Plan - Security

Your data is 100% secure


We follow industry security best practices. We don’t view or store any of your credentials or sensitive information.

Secure information
Plaid provides secure connections to your financial institution to simply pass us transaction related information.
No credentials saved
We never save credentials or have access to any of your financial accounts.

“Life Style Plan makes it so easy to see everything in one place! Having a tool to consolidate our financial activity and information helps put us in charge of our finances and accomplish the goals we’re setting.” 

Nikki, Lifestyle Plan User

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